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revolution is in the air

Although I'm a senior, I've been thinking of starting a club that may help the future generations of bronx science.
This club would be aimed at organizing student protests against the tresspasses of the administration. Everything has just gotten incrimentally worse since I was a freshman: Most every teacher tells you to take out your headphones, they've lengthened the schedule by about 30 mins, you can no longer choose your own lock or locker, In fact, school can go through your things while you're in class and you would never know the difference, Kids applying to college can't see their own recs, some of which may say bad things about you and keep you out of college, every cut is a detention, people get cuts for classes their not in and then are asked to serve them, art classes are cut and classes like research lit, which is the most pointless class ever, are still being taught. The administration knows though, that we nerds are too involved in our studies to dare to participate in a walk out, or stand up for ourselves. Should we gather and show our opposition to these infringements then we can turn the tables on them, make them listen to us. Reidy hates nothing more than having herself look bad at her job. What if we had the news at school watching us picket school, ALL 2700 of us! EVERYBODY, don't you think that would work?
If you think you and people you know would be interested in such a club, please post back or email me at
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