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just putting this out there...

okay, so, i had a thought this weekend and wanted to know what everyone thinks.

this weekend i got reponses from the rest of my colleges. although i got into some awesome schools, i was waitlisted at my two top choices. i admit i was pretty disappointed, although i probably shouldn't be, but i've decided to stay on both lists because i don't want to pass up the opportunity.

anyway, i know that sometime in may we have a day where everyone wears the t-shirt from the school we have decided to attend. i was thinking about it, and i started to realize, now that i'm in this position, how crappy a day like that is for so many kids. for example, kids who get into their dream school and can't pay for it, kids who don't get into any schools they're particularly excited about, or kids like me who aren't going to know where they've gotten in until maybe june or july.

i understand that getting into the school you love is an amazing accomplishment and it is definitely something to be proud of, but i just feel as though this is one situation where so many people in our school are excluded. i'm aware this is supposed to be a senior spirit day, but the thing is, what kind of school spirit day is it if it makes a bunch of people feel shitty because they are completely left out? i am certainly not trying to belittle the accomplishments of others, but the day inevitably shoves college in the faces of people who really don't want to think about it.

just consider this: i've realized that no matter what, i will have to choose among the schools i have gotten into and send in a $300 deposit. even if i am lucky enough to get into a school that waitlisted me, i will lose that deposit if i choose to attend a different school. in the meantime, i am trying to get supplementary recs and i am writing letters to the schools to update them on all i have done. and it sucks. i really thought this hellish process would be over by now, but it's not. and i know there are people that feel the same way.

i just remember last year i had this discussion with seniors. later on that day i happened to see a girl wearing a shirt from some school that she was waitlisted for or something, and someone came up to her and said "why are you wearing that? you didn't get in!"

overall, i just wish we could stick to spirit days that include EVERYONE. the college process if over. some of us have come out of it incredibly happy, some of us not so happy. so why can't we just leave it at that. you can always wear your college attire some other day. or better yet, if you really want to know where someone is going, why not just ask.
oh and i really don't like the people who say "well, if you don't know where you're going, then don't do it!" wtf is up with a senior spirit day that a lot students can't participate in?! how is that unifying?!

and i apologize in advance if i have offended anyone. i suggested this to someone today and she practically exploded at me. 

one last thing: for those of you who agree with me and feel like cutting school that day and going to six flags or something, i am so down.
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