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Fund Raising for Darfur

So for those who don't know, there is a daily genocide of at least 500 people and not to mention countless rape, EVERY DAY IN THE SUDAN IN AFRICA. I have found an organization that sells tshirts to raise money for the sufferers in Darfur. If I were to take orders for these T-shirts, and say they were 15$ a piece, how sucessful do you think it would be?
Also, How many people do you think would come to a protest on apriol 30th to DC to make president Bush budge on the darfur policy. Or if I organized a protest to bring outside the UN, to make them change their position on the use of force to stop the perpatrators of the genocide, do you think people would come to that?
If you want more information on the entire situation, for you own eduacation or that you could tell other people go to
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